Thursday, October 22

Coronavirus: Wash your mask every day – otherwise the risk of corona increases

In times of Corona, mouth and nose protection is mandatory every day. But you should also wash your masks regularly. An Australian study shows why.

  • In Germany the Corona-Pandemie the Mask requirement.
  • With the Mask requirement if you want to take the risk Corona to get sick, narrow down.
  • A Australian study shows that you can only deal with regular washing of the mask can protect.

Frankfurt – a Mouth and nose protection as a mask heard during the Corona-Pandemie everyday life in Germany. You should protect yourself from spreading and contracting the Coronavirus protect. A Australian study now states that both homemade and surgical masks every day would have to be changed or washed. The in that “British Medical Journal” published study led by Chandini Raina MacIntyre Tests also showed that wearing masks multiple times did Risk of Corona to get sick even increase.

Mouth and nose protection: hand washing does not kill coronaviruses

The researchers of the University of New South Wales in Sydney specifically wrote in their work that people who wear their mask several times, become one twice as high risk of infection with Corona, like people who change their mouth and nose protection every day. The researchers also emphasize that hand washing is not enough to kill all viruses in the mask. Therefore, a wash is used at least 60 degrees recommended. In addition, the mask worn should absolutely two-ply be effective before that Coronavirus to protect.

The researchers’ results are based on an analysis of data from a Study from 2011who also have the effectiveness of masks against the spread of viruses that cause respiratory diseases in humans. The test was performed on clinical staff. According to this study, employees who suffered from their mask did not change daily or did not wash at at least 60 degrees, twice as oftenlike employees who followed these recommendations.

Only regular washing of the mask provides effective protection against corona

Even if the data of the study from 2011 not on the novel Coronavirus the Australian researchers, after their renewed analysis, consider the results to be transferable. “The WHO recommends washing the masks in the washing machine at 60 degrees and with a heavy-duty detergent “, says study leader MacIntyre,” The result of our analysis confirms that. “Because only then are masks as protection against that Coronavirus efficient.

In the afternoon the Chancellor Angela Merkel with the country leaders to discuss the upcoming corona measures. It should also be about tightening the mask requirement. (By Sabrina Pia Kwasniok)

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