Saturday, October 24

Corona sick to Tel Aviv: Israel treats leading Palestinian representatives

DSaeb Erekat, a leading Palestinian representative who was infected with the coronavirus, is receiving treatment in Israel for his deteriorating health. According to his family, the chief negotiator for the Palestinians in the Middle East conflict and general secretary of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) was taken to a hospital in Tel Aviv by ambulance on Sunday. His brother Saber Erekat told the AFP news agency that he was not in good shape.

The PLO had already announced on October 9 that the 65-year-old politician, who was suffering from chronic lung problems, was taking a break because of the infection. Erekat received a transplant in an American hospital in 2017 for pulmonary fibrosis; as a transplant patient and because of his age, he belongs to the corona risk group.

Erekat is one of the most famous Palestinian politicians and a confidante of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. In the past few weeks he had repeatedly criticized the normalization of relations between Israel and several Arab Gulf states without a previous solution to the Middle East conflict.

In the West Bank, occupied by Israel, with its 2.8 million inhabitants, 42,490 infections with the corona virus have so far been detected and 381 infected people have died. In the Gaza Strip, controlled by the radical Islamic Hamas and home to around two million Palestinians, the authorities reported a total of 4,650 infections and 27 deaths.

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