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Corona infection of Barron Trump: Donald Trump makes politics with the son’s illness

After Melania Trump reported about her son Barron’s corona disease, Donald Trump is now trying to capitalize on it in the election campaign.

  • Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump and First Lady of the United States, said she was cured of the corona virus.
  • The youngest son of the Trumps, Barron Trump, is also there Corona been infected.
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Update from Thursday, December 15, 2020, 4:09 p.m .: Donald Trump uses the Corona infection his son Barronto promote schools reopening in the US: “Barron tested positive and was fine within two seconds. Now he’s tested negative, right? ”

Again, Trump plays the dangers of that Coronavirus down and say: “People have it and it works anyway. Bring the children back to school, we have to bring the children back to school. “

Donald Trump wants to politically exploit the corona infection of his son Barron to reopen schools


Was President Donald Trump not mentioned: According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) More than 277,000 children aged 5 to 17 tested positive for Corona between March and the end of September, a significant increase coinciding with the reopening of schools. The CDC so far reports 51 deaths of school-age children in the United States.

First report from Thursday, December 15th, 2020, 9:44 am: USA – Melania Trump is alive and well again. This is what the US First Lady writes in an article on the White House website. Melania Trump’s essay is headed “My personal experience with COVID-19“. It’s been two weeks since she and her husband Donald Trump received the diagnosis made by “so many Americans in our country and around the world” before the trumps.

Melania Trump’s thoughts were with son Barron the whole time

Her thoughts went so Melania Trump, “Of course directly to our son”. To the great relief of Melania and her husband Donald Trump be Barron Trump, the youngest son of the Trumps, initially tested negative. Her fear of an infection of her 14-year-old son was not reduced and she was confirmed in her fear when he was then tested again and the result was positive.

Fortunately be Barron Trump a “strong teenager” and have shown no symptoms. Melania Trump however be glad that she, Donald and Barron the Corona-Have “gone through” the disease at the same time, so that everyone could “take care of each other and spend time together”. In the meantime, Barron had also tested negative.

Melania Trump: “I had all symptoms at the same time”

She herself was very lucky that she had only minimal symptoms, writes the First Lady, even though they met all symptoms at the same time. Melania Trump had a headache, cough and aching limbs and was very tired the entire time. In contrast to her husband, however, she opted for vitamins and a healthy diet instead of a cocktail of drugs.

Melania Trump does not lose a syllable about wearing masks or observing rules of distance. Instead, encourage them “all to continue to lead the healthiest lives.” This included fresh air, a balanced diet and vitamins. It was very unusual to be a patient yourself instead of encouraging others.

Like Donald Trump, Melania Trump did not wear a mask for weeks, although she knew it was useful

The First Lady had already recognized the benefit of the mask, as documented on the “Melania Tapes”, when Donald Trump nor claimed the mask was of no use. Nevertheless, she repeatedly appeared in public without a mask. For example, in front of an audience in the rose garden of the White House on the occasion of her husband’s nomination as a candidate in the presidential race against Joe Biden.

Donald Trump goes one step further, of course. Be with that Coronavirus infected son Barron is not only “beautiful”, but also “free”, said the president during an election rally in Iowa on Wednesday (October 14, 2020). He only had the virus for a “very short time” and probably, Trump suspects, did not even notice that he was infected with COVID-19. After all, he is young and young people have strong immune systems. At least 99.9 percent, says Trump.

Donald Trump: He defeated Corona and is strong, everyone else is weak

He himself is now immune, says Donald Trump. So it was not a problem at all, just a few days after he became known to be infected with the Coronavirus to appear again in front of masses of his supporters (mostly not protected with a mask and disregarding distance rules). Trump shows little empathy for those in the USA who, because of a Corona-Infection had to fight for their lives and with the families who have been grieved in the wake of the pandemic.

Rather, represents Trump implicitly again and again as weak those who had a less mild course of their infection with the Coronavirus had to accept or – like Joe Biden – protect himself appropriately from it. (By Mirko Schmid)

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