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Corona in Frankfurt: City police are overwhelmed with the controls

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The public order office in Frankfurt reaches its limits during corona checks. The head of department is looking for help.

The city of Frankfurt does not know how to control and enforce the new, tightened corona rules from October 19. “The public order office has a capacity problem,” admits the head of the Corona crisis team, health department head Stefan Majer. The city police are overwhelmed by themselves. He therefore “gave the order to clarify how we can support the regulatory office”. The Greens are skeptical about the use of private security services. “The fight against Corona is a sovereign task.”

Corona overwhelms the Frankfurt city police

The first control results are sobering. Since the mask requirement came into force in public places and in central shopping areas on October 9, the city police have determined 4800 violations, according to the department of public order Markus Frank (CDU). In 500 cases, people were found without a mouth and nose covering. The other cases were violations of the curfew between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. and the ban on alcohol in public spaces and in city parks. The city assumes that the bans “were not yet known to everyone”.


The sums mentioned are regular fines. They can be lower in individual cases or, in the case of repeated violations, higher.

Violation of the mask requirement in public spaces: Fine of 50 euros

Breach of the mask requirement in public transport: 50 Euro

Violation of the ban on alcohol in public spaces: 70 Euro

Violation of the upper limit of people at private celebrations: 200 Euro

Violation of the curfew: 500 Euro

Source: Order of the Public Order Office of the City of Frankfurt am Main

From Monday, October 19, the obligation to wear a face-to-face mask will be extended to the entire city center within the system ring and to the southern bank of the Main. Anyone who does not adhere to it and is caught during an inspection must pay a fine of 50 euros. The city classified the violation as an administrative offense in an order. It is entitled “General decree of the city of Frankfurt am Main to combat the further spread of the new type of coronavirus in the city of Frankfurt am Main”.

According to Majer, the Hessian Association of Cities has passed a resolution according to which the wearing of masks in the railways will be included in the transport conditions for local public transport. The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund (RMV) is now implementing this. That means: The control staff has the right to check whether mouth and nose covers are worn. Anyone found without a mask must pay 50 euros.

City of Frankfurt slips out of control

Despite the fines, the city is slipping more and more control in the fight against the corona pandemic. “Tracking the chains of infection is becoming more and more difficult,” said Health Department Majer. The city council describes the situation in the municipal health department with the words: “The people are at the end of their strength.” Office space has to be found for them overnight and computers and telephones have to be procured. The municipal staff in the health department had already been increased from 120 to 150 at short notice. Another 100 volunteers with medical training have also registered as reserves with the city.

In view of the increasing number of infections, the municipality wants to “continuously develop further protective measures”. The shielding of old people’s and nursing homes is to be increased. According to Majer, the experts are currently checking whether the number of visits to the homes needs to be reduced again. At the height of the pandemic so far in spring, visits to old people’s and nursing homes were not permitted.

Mayor and Head of Religious Affairs Uwe Becker (CDU) defends the new mask requirement at all religious celebrations. The parishes developed “with a lot of creativity new formats of worship”.

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