Saturday, October 31

Conflans attack: Castex wants “a stronger response” when a teacher is threatened

The Prime Minister assures in “the JDD” that the government works “closely with the whole of the educational community to lead as quickly as possible to concrete actions”.

Two days after the beheading of Samuel Paty, the teacher who had shown caricatures of Mohammed to his students in a college in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, Prime Minister Jean Castex said this Sunday to work on “an even more response strategy. firm, faster and more effective when a teacher is threatened “, in an interview with Sunday newspaper.

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“The State will live up to the commitment (of the teachers) by responding with the greatest firmness to all the enemies of the Republic. We will not give in, we will never give up what we are: free citizens and enlightened, in a secular and united Republic, one and indivisible “, argues the head of government in this interview.

A new response strategy

On Saturday he brought together the ministers of the interior, national education and justice “to determine an even stronger, faster and more effective response strategy when a teacher is subjected to threats, even insidious”. And the government is working “closely with the entire educational community to achieve concrete actions as quickly as possible”.

Asked by the JDD on the advisability of studying in class the cartoons of Mohammed, Jean Castex replies that “it is for the teachers to decide and not for the Prime Minister to judge”. “But what is certain is that those who pass on knowledge to our children must remain free to do so. This freedom is not negotiable,” he added.

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“The threat has never ceased to be at a very high level in our country, but it has changed in nature: we have gone from a risk with organized and planned terrorist actions outside the national territory to a risk based more on acts perpetrated often by a single individual, sometimes without any complicity, which makes the detection work of our intelligence services all the more delicate and difficult “, noted the Prime Minister.

“We must strengthen the detection of all weak signals”

“We must strengthen the detection of all weak signals which are as many alerts of a possible drift towards radicalization and terrorist violence,” he added. Asked about the bill on separatism which must be presented in December to the Council of Ministers, Jean Castex indicated that he “did not exclude” from completing it.

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Samuel Paty’s assailant, killed by police after the attack, has been identified as Abdoullakh A., an 18-year-old Chechen Russian, born in Moscow and a refugee in France with his family. Ten people have since been taken into custody.

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