Thursday, October 29

Coca-Cola stops selling this popular hit soft drink in the 80s due to the coronavirus

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The multinational Coke has decided to stop producing the brand of refreshments Tab, the company’s first sugar-free soft drink and an icon of the 80s that was reluctant to disappear because it supported a group of faithful who refused to let it die.

Tab will be one of more than two hundred small brands that Coca-Cola will eliminate within the restructuring plan that has begun to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and that includes staff cuts and a new marketing strategy.

Coca-Cola wants reduce its 500 brands to less than half and for this it will eliminate all those that do not have the potential for large-scale growth.

Tab, launched on the market in 1963, was the first diet soda of the multinational beverage company, it was sweetened with saccharin and its flavor had its faithful and detractors.

In the 70’s it began to become popular among women and in the 80 its popularity reached a global scale until it became the most popular diet cola.

Tab lost its leadership with the market launch in 1982 de Diet Coke, but it has maintained its character as an icon of the 80s and a group of followers who even coordinated on the internet to find ways to procure the drink.

That base of stalwarts led Coca-Cola to maintain the brand as a good customer relationship practice, but the pandemic has wiped out the once famous can.

Tab sales accounted for in 2019 0.1% of global diet cola sales, a market of 22,000 million dollars, according to an analysis of Euromonitor International.

According to data from the Nielsen consultancy, Tab’s sales in the United States were an anecdotal percentage compared to those of Diet Coke or Coke Zero.

However, through agreements with bottling companies, Tab’s small production gave positive returns to the multinational.

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