Monday, October 26

City wants to measure CO 2

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The city of Rüsselsheim has ordered numerous measuring devices for carbon dioxide (CO2) for all daycare group rooms and schools.

The city administration reported that 110 measuring devices for carbon dioxide were planned for the daycare centers in Rüsselsheim and 154 for the schools. The delivery time is around four weeks.

The schools each receive one device per year, two for the administration rooms, one for specialist rooms and one for the sports halls. According to the city administration, this is coordinated with the school management advisory board.

“These devices serve as a reminder of regular intermittent ventilation in the rooms and do not replace existing measures,” says Mayor Dennis Grieser (Greens). He points out the importance of regular intermittent ventilation as part of hygiene plans for day-care centers and schools in times of the corona pandemic.

Until the devices have been delivered, the city’s experts recommend using the “CO2 timer” app as an interim solution in line with the city council. This is available free of charge on the Internet.

In addition, the city of Rüsselsheim is currently converting all ventilation options to the special requirements in pandemic times, as far as the structural and technical equipment allows this. This means, for example, that all ventilation systems are set to the highest possible proportion of outside air.

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