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Chantal Andere suffered from leaving her children and then caught COVID-19 | The NY Journal

Chantal Andere.

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Chantal andere became the fourth celebrity with COVID-19 on Univison’s “Tu Cara Me Suena”. That is why the chain decided to suspend the program, because already, celebrities were making great sacrifices.

And it is that after having shared several months of confinement with her husband Enrique Rivero and their children, Natalia and Sebastián, it was difficult for her to separate from them to participate in the show every Sunday, but it was her husband who convinced her to do so.

It has been very difficult, it has been to say ‘yes’ in a moment of emotion and passion for what I like to do.

“I have been singing for many years, few people know it, we come from being kept at home for many months, so on the one hand it was a golden opportunity and on the other hand it was to get away from my family at the worst moment of life.

I have an incredible husband who told me “no, ma’am! If you like the project and are happy with what is being offered to you, let’s go ahead, with everything!”

The actress affirms that the competition has been very healthy, since everyone shows empathy for what they have faced on a personal and professional level due to the coronavirus.

“We all come with that sensitivity to leave your home, we come with that request to life to be well and healthy from here until the competition ends, and what follows.

“The competition at this time in life changes; it is a healthy competition, of love, respect and admiration ”.

In addition, Chantal talks that she has had the remote support of her mother, Jacqueline Andere.

“Like my mother, she is my number one fan. She loves what I do and she was very pleased, she misses me a lot, the same as I do her, but she is also working, so it was like a good time for both of us, that we were both busy because we cannot meet because of the pandemic. see how we want ”.

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