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Celia Lora transparent lingerie: Drive her followers crazy in lingerie

  • Once again, Alex Lora’s daughter is uncovered in social networks
  • Celia Lora appears in transparent lingerie on Instagram and shows her breasts
  • The risque comments do not stop reaching their social networks.

Celia Lora transparent lingerie: Once again the daughter of Mexican rocker Alex Lora, the model Celia Lora, causes a furor on social networks after posting a photograph of her wearing a hot transparent lingerie, causing sighs to more than one of her followers, because showed her breasts.

It is not surprising that the model stands out in her social networks for being a person who always shows all her attributes in social networks, whether in minis suits, in tremendous necklines or in lace bikinis, where in all the “changing rooms” Celia shows off her sexiest and most striking side to the public eye.

It is known that Celia constantly drives her followers crazy in this way, since she does not leave much to the imagination of all her fans on Instagram, a social network where she usually publishes photos of her showing all her physical attributes.

PHOTO: Instagram. Celia lora

In a recent publication on her official Instagram account, Celia Lora left more than one with a square eye after posting a photo of her in transparent lingerie, causing a great fury among her followers.

In the photograph, the Lucky Ladies actress is seen posing in a rather sexy profile, while wearing a transparent black lace bikini, where of course her blue eyes like the sea are great protagonists, since they come to hypnotize anyone who observes the snapshot.

The publication, which already contains more than 132 thousand “likes” just one day after being published, has the following message written in English as a legend:

“In your eyes I see a fire that burns to set you free,” wrote the 36-year-old model.

The snapshot, which should be noted is the only one that contains the activated comments, she was showered with endless compliments from followers who did not want to be left behind to comment on how sexy and hot Celia Lora looked in her photograph.

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