Friday, October 30

Boualem Sansal: “France still does not understand what it is facing”

For the Algerian novelist, our country believes itself struck by terrorists while it suffers from an Islamist guerrilla which takes its momentum to one day reach the dimensions of a total war

What horror, what barbarism, we behead a teacher for a caricature that has been around the planet a thousand times! This is to say the resentment and madness of the Islamists. We condemn by competing in emotion and formulas, we affirm our support for the family of the victim, we reassure the teaching staff and the parents of students, we call for strong measures, we promise firmness. This is what we hear on the air. We do our duty, we have a clear conscience … until the next horror, the next barbarism.

All of this shows that France still does not understand the reality it faces. She believes herself struck by terrorists, young people with or without S-files, while she suffers from a guerrilla war which gradually takes its momentum to one day reach the dimensions of a total war, as many countries have experienced still live it to varying degrees (Algeria, Mali, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia).

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