Tuesday, October 27

Bernard Ravet: “By dint of tolerating the intolerable, the Republic generates the intolerable”

For the former headmaster of the northern districts of Marseille, emotional speeches are not enough. We must act on the interaction between religion and city life

The execution of Samuel Paty resonates with me like a personal wound. Samuel could have been one of my teachers, one of those teachers who have the courage to implement the programs and to lead the students on the enlightened paths of the Lights. Everything was said. All the tributes have been paid, the entire political class has spoken, from the most sincere to the most hypocritical. What more can I say if not to share my revolt with you.

Should it come to this? The execution of a black hussar of a Republic which, by dint of tolerating the intolerable, breeds the intolerable. What beautiful compassionate and incantatory tweets. I feel full of revolt. The revolt of the whistleblower who has the impression that things are not going fast enough and that we remain at the level of saying.

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