Friday, October 30

Barely cured of Covid-19, Ibra wins the Milan derby on his own

Ibra single-handedly dominated the Milan derby on Saturday night. – Miguel MEDINA / AFP

But what is this man made of? Just cured of Covid-19 at 39, Zlatan Ibrahimovic lit up the Milan derby on Saturday night and offered his first victory to the Rossoneri in this Serie A confrontation since 2016. After a penalty transformed into two stages, the former Parisian was at receiving a splendid Leao cake on the left side to catapult the ball into the back of Donnaruma’s nets.

The Interists quickly returned to the match thanks to Romelu Lukaku but that was not enough. Until the return match, it is AC Milan fans who will be able to parade in the streets, especially since they are at the head of the championship after the slap inflicted by Napoli on Atalanta Bergamo.

“This derby was very important, a derby that AC Milan had not won for four years. I was hungry, and I showed it, ”commented the 39-year-old Swedish star. “He was exhausted, he asked me to go out but I didn’t listen to him! His mental contribution is fundamental, ”said his coach Stefano Pioli about him, also paying tribute to the tifosi who, by the hundreds, had found themselves – masked – around the stadium to welcome the players.

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