Sunday, October 25

Ayana Rivera lingerie: appears from the bed touching her body

  • Ayana Rivera uploads a photo on social networks in lingerie and shows her breasts
  • The daughter of the singer Lupillo Rivera impacts with her photos from her bed
  • The model sends a message to all women

Ayana Rivera lingerie. Beauty! Ayana Rivera, daughter of the renowned singer Lupillo Rivera, once again shows off her great beauty and breasts through her account Instagram, but this time he did it for a reason.

The model never ceases to amaze her fans every time she publishes a photo of her, since it is worth mentioning Ayana has an admirable beauty and whenever she wants she shows off her beautiful figure in sexy photographs.

But there was a post that stood out more than anything for the great message that Ayana gave out according to the photo shoot.


As we already know, October is the pink month, which is a campaign that is carried out within the framework of the commemoration of the month of awareness about breast cancer, with the aim of reinforcing actions to raise awareness in the population.

This served as motivation for the daughter of Lupillo Rivera to dazzle again on social networks and leave a message of awareness.

In the post you can see Ayana lying on a bed and wearing a spectacular white lingerie and touching her breasts, you can also see that part of her body is covered with a pink blanket.

Ayana left a written caption on the post that reads: “Photoshoot last year. #breastcancerawareness Should I Do Another Breast Cancer Awareness Photoshoot? # Breast Cancer Awareness Month ”.

There is no doubt that the model did this session to remind all women who fight every day to defeat this cancer, to go and have their studies done and also those who do not have symptoms to avoid it. Currently the photographs are going viral since they have more than a thousand “likes” since he sent a great message to all the women.

Ayana Rivera lingerie 2


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