Thursday, October 29

At a meeting, Trump calls Macron “Prime Minister”

Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump, in Biarritz on August 24, 2019. – Andrew Harnik / AP / SIPA

Donald Trump sees only the straw in his neighbor’s eye. The American president, who regularly mocks the supposed blunders of his rival Joe Biden, in turn illustrated himself on Saturday by an error by demoting his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to the rank of “Prime Minister”. The tenant of the White House made the mistake during a campaign rally in the state of Michigan.

“I really like Prime Minister Macron”

After discussing the old free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, since renegotiated by him, Donald Trump then gave his opinion on the Paris climate agreement, from which the United States withdrew after his election in 2016. “You know what I also stopped? The Paris environmental agreement. I really like Prime Minister Macron but I asked him how the agreement was progressing, they are not really getting there, ”said the Republican candidate.

The American president and his French counterpart established a close relationship soon after the election of Emmanuel Macron. Relations between the two men then deteriorated significantly.

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