Wednesday, October 28

Apple’s iPhone 12 ad says it’s ‘the most powerful iPhone ever’ [VIDEO]

Image: @Apple on YouTube

Apple released a new feature for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in Youtube – just like pre-orders for both devices was launched around the world, touting the latest and greatest iPhone as “the most powerful iPhone of all time.”

The announcement begins with a series of quick close-ups of a shiny new iPhone 12 against the backdrop of an animated tune, only slowing down to emphasize the 5G icon in the device’s notification area. It definitely looks like the iPhone 12 5G capability It is the platform that Apple is promoting as the main feature of these new devices. But with mmWave 5G is not supported on iPhone 12 models in Canada, don’t get too excited yet.

Image: @Apple on YouTube

The ad then shows a woman pulling her iPhone 12 out of her bag and unlocking it, sending a menacing shock wave through her surroundings – images of how powerful the iPhone 12 really is. Cue fade-to-black , and the words ‘The Most Powerful iPhone Ever’ are displayed on the dark canvas.

With Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset under its hood, anything on the market right now doesn’t even come close to touching the iPhone 12 performance. Apple may be heralding the newest iPhone as ‘the most powerful iPhone of all time’, but there’s no question that the iPhone 12 is the most powerful phone available right now.

Expect the official benchmarks to be released next week when the embargoes on the first hands-on ‘reviews’ of these new iPhones are removed.

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