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Already the 12 title! Germany’s tennis star Zverev wins the final in Cologne

Alexander Zverev – Felix Auger-Aliassime 6:3 5:3

The most important things in a nutshell: Alexander Zverev has won the first of two new tennis tournaments in Cologne. In his first final after the narrowly lost final at the US Open, the 23-year-old from Hamburg prevailed 6: 3, 6: 3 against the Canadian Felix Auger-Aliassime on Sunday.

The world number seventh was placed in first place in the smaller tournament in the 250 category, the prize money for the winner is 24,880 euros. For Zverev it was the twelfth title and the first tournament victory since his success in Geneva around 17 months ago. The immediately following tournament in Cologne begins for the top seed with a bye for the first round.

Alexander Zverev – Felix Auger-Aliassime: The match in the ticker protocol

3:26 p.m.: Auger-Aliassime’s backhand ends up in the out! Zverev celebrates its 12th title at the ATP tournament in Cologne!

3:25 p.m.: After a long rally, Zverev now has the first match ball.

3:24 p.m .: Auger-Aliassime with a strong forehand volley that just barely lands on the line. 30:30

3:21 p.m .: Auger-Aliassime fights back as much as possible and gets through his service game. 5: 3

3:16 p.m .: 5: 2! Zverev’s forehand volley is sitting!

3.15 p.m .: It seems to be going better again, the next three serves will be better again. Zverev fends off both breakballs and takes the advantage.

3:13 p.m .: Zverev looks like he’s battered. Suddenly his serves no longer come with the same speed. Two breakballs for Auger-Aliassime.

3:11 p.m.: Because the Canadian can still fend off the first, the second sits. Break for Zverev – 4: 2

3:09 p.m .: Double error at the wrong time by Auger-Aliassime. Two breakballs for Zverev.

3:07 p.m .: When Auger-Aliassime attacks the network, it usually has a positive effect on him. Smash ball at 0:15.

3:04 p.m .: Zverev makes short work – plays with a lot of overview and calm. Auger-Aliassime recently made an avoidable return error. 3: 2

3:02 p.m .: Auger-Aliassime fights and still gets through his service game. 2: 2

3:01 p.m .: Auger-Aliassime counters with two strong serves and takes the advantage. But Zverev responds with a strong backhand that just flies over the net and gives the Canadian no chance.

2:59 p.m .: The Canadian has been unlucky several times and gets stuck in the net with his backhand. Breakball Zverev.

2:57 p.m .: Zverev gets a ball at the back of the board, but the ball ends up in the side. 3:30 p.m.

2:53 p.m .: Zverev countered with three strong serves. If the Canadian can return, the German’s second blow is in place. 2: 1

2:51 p.m .: The Canadian played his service game for the first time without losing points. Important for the psyche. 1: 1

2.49 p.m .: Now Zverev with a net attack, but Auger-Aliassime counters with a passing ball. 0:30

2.47 p.m .: Zverev starts strong in the second set but makes a double mistake at 40: 0 – already the third. Nevertheless, the German gets through his service game. 1-0

2:42 p.m .: Zverev now with 2 set balls. He returns the serve well, the Canadian’s attempt is a tick too long! 6: 3 – the first set goes to Zverev!

2.41 p.m .: Zverev comes back to the court with anger in his stomach and chases the Canadian from one corner to the other. 30:15

2.39 p.m.: Directly after the second double fault – 5: 3

2.38 p.m .: First double fault from Zverev and the chance to break from Auger-Aliassime.

2.37 p.m .: The Canadian now plays more risky, attacks the network more often – with success! 3:30 p.m.

2.34 p.m.: Again Auger-Aliassime hits with a lot of force, but Zverev is on the post and gets the break! 5: 2

2.33 p.m .: Auger-Aliassime fends off the first two with strong serves. Zverev’s last return ends up in the network. 40:30

2.33 p.m .: Three breakballs for Zverev! 40: 0

2.31 p.m .: Zverev for the gallery in one fell swoop. A very fine stop ball from the corner lands perfectly! 15: 0

2.30 p.m.: Zverev also gets this service game. 4: 2

2:29 p.m .: Twice a backhand from Auger-Aliassime lands in the net. 40:15

2:26 p.m .: Auger-Aliassime puts pressure on with his strong forehand – in the end, Zverev’s return ends up just out of bounds. Only 3: 2.

2:25 p.m .: The Canadian is getting stronger now, Zverev has to go a long way. 0:40

2:23 p.m .: Zverev also brings through his second service game without losing points. 3: 1

2:22 p.m .: Auger-Aliassimes return ends up in the off. 40: 0

2:19 p.m .: Very precise serve from Auger-Aliassime. This time the Canadian makes his service game. Only 2: 1.

2:16 p.m .: Again the serve is good and after two rallies Zverev takes the 2-0 lead. That was already sovereign!

2.15 p.m .: Auger-Aliassime can only hit back a massive serve from the German. 30-0

2:13 p.m.: Zverev gets the second breakball with a strong backhand and returns the subsequent serve perfectly! 1: 0 for the German!

2:11 p.m .: Zerev gets the chance to break, but his opponent counters strongly 40:40.

2:08 p.m .: First double fault from the Canadian. In the rally, Auger-Aliassime took the point with an aggressive net attack. 3:30 p.m.

2:06 p.m.: Let’s go! Auger-Aliassime opens.

2:05 p.m .: The two young stars are warming up – it’s going to start any moment. The tension rises!

1.55 p.m .: Today’s final will also be held without a spectator. In the beginning, the organizers had hope of welcoming fans to the stands in Cologne. But due to the increasing number of infections, the health authorities of the city of Cologne have prohibited this.

1:50 p.m .: The Hamburg Zverev is fighting for its 12th title at the ATP tournament in Cologne. We’re about to start!

7:00 a.m.: Welcome to FOCUS Online’s live ticker. The world number seven has played twice against the number 22 and won both duels last year. Zverev celebrated his last tournament win at the end of May 2019 in Geneva. The indoor events in Cologne were added to the provisional tournament calendar in the coronavirus crisis. The second edition begins on Monday.

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