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After sexism allegations: Dorothee Bär wants to stay in the Ludwig Erhard Foundation – under two conditions

Dorothee Bär (CSU), Minister of State for Digital
Image: dpa

Dorothee Bär wanted to get out of the Ludwig Erhard Foundation because its chairman Roland Tichy attracted attention with “sexist statements”. He now abdicates. Now the digital minister wants to think again.

EThe Ludwig-Erhard-Stiftung in Bonn has had a turbulent lately, when a prominent face, Digital Minister Dorothee Bär (CSU), resigned from his membership and then the chairman of the foundation, Roland Tichy, announced his retirement. The personal details are related: Bär had acted in protest against Tichy because, as she put it, he had published “misogynistic and extremely sexist statements” about the Berlin SPD politician Sawsan Chebli in his magazine “Tichys Insight”.

Maja Brankovic

Maja Brankovic

Editor in the economy of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, responsible for “Der Volkswirt”.

With his departure, the minister now wants to reconsider. Under two circumstances she would remain in the foundation, she told the FAS. “Firstly, it matters to me who takes the chair after Mr. Tichy.” If it were up to Bär, he should be followed by a person who actually “stands for values ​​and ideals “By the legendary Minister of Economic Affairs. She also calls for a better cooperation between the foundation and the Ludwig Erhard Center in Fürth.

The center opened in 2018 and the relationship with “the Bonners” is considered tense. The initiative in Fürth makes a big contribution to remembering the father of the social market economy, said Bär. It should therefore be “in the foundation’s own interest” to deepen the cooperation.

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