Saturday, October 31

After predicting the WORST for OCTOBER, Mhoni Vidente surprises by revealing what everyone expected from the CORONAVIRUS

Mhoni Vidente makes a prediction about the Coronavirus, he also assured that Luzbel and bad people want to cause chaos in all senses: “wars, attacks, the death of politicians, presidents, dictators, people moving people around the world.”

But it is not all bad news, since the Cuban psychic and clairvoyant affirmed that the coronavirus will be left behind, “in a memory, in the past”, even if that means that other strong, positive and negative things come:

“So the human being is going to learn again to become aware of his life, of the whole world and not to spoil it. Remember that the human being became weak, that’s why the virus attacked him so hard and he has to become strong, healthy and healthy again ”.

There’s still more. Cuban psychic and clairvoyant Mhoni Vidente shares chilling predictions for the remainder of October.

On her official YouTube channel, where she has more than a million subscribers, the psychic most loved by Hispanics did not wait long to reveal the unexpected about the letter from the Death.

“Luzbel himself, the demons, are going to start making their own in the whole world to start causing chaos. Remember that to form order there must be chaos, and then order is formed ”.

Photo: CanalOficial Mhonividente

Prophecy of the blue moon

Regarding the letter of Temperance, the letter of the Archangels, indicates to Mhoni Seer that next October 31 (13 in reverse) is the day of the full moon prophecy and that in this ‘repeated year’ (2020 ) the full moon will turn blue, things will fall from the sky and the mentality of the human being will change, but there would still be more … Coronavirus prediction Mhoni Seer


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