Monday, October 19

Adamari and Toni anniversary: ​​the driver receives a surprise from her partner

  • Adamari López and Toni Costa celebrated their ninth anniversary as a couple
  • The Spanish dancer surprised the driver with an unexpected gift
  • “Thank you for 9 very beautiful years and I hope they are many more,” said Adamari

How romantic Adamari López, host of the program Un Nuevo Día and her Spanish partner Toni Costa celebrated their ninth anniversary with a very romantic evening that the Spanish organized just for the two of them, according to a report on the website of People in spanish.

“Celebrating love by your side, 9th anniversary! I love you darling! ”Said Adamari’s partner.

Toni Costa also shared the images of the couple celebrating where they are both very happy, in addition the dancer surprises Adamari with a gift he had prepared for him.


“How I like to surprise my girl. I need an anniversary gift for 9 years and three days, “said Toni before handing over the surprise to her partner.

The driver was so excited that she couldn’t contain it when she received her gift and saw that it was a beautiful personalized pendant with the initials of both of them.

Toni Costa did not hesitate to upload the images of the exact moment in which he gives Adamari the gift to his Instagram account, which has almost one and a half million followers in Spanish.

“What is this? I love it ”, emotionally expressed the host of the morning program Un Nuevo Día when she saw the beautiful jewel she received.

“There are already 9 years of blessings, of many beautiful things, thank you for 9 very beautiful years and I hope they are many more,” said Adamari to his partner Toni, who jokingly saw the emotion that his sentimental partner felt when Seeing the tremendous jewel that he was given, he said: “” It’s the ay la t of I love you, “showing off Toni ‘s great sense of humor.


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