Saturday, October 24

A crucial week with simultaneous play on two boards

The renewal of the governing body of the judges and Vox’s motion of censure, which must be resolved this week, give Pedro Sanchez already Pablo Casado the opportunity to reconcile with moderation, which is what is best for their parties and for Spain. Suffice it to point out that in the environment of political tension that the country is experiencing, it is the extremes that grow, as reflected in the poll on voting intention published today by EL ESPAÑOL.

The PSOE must withdraw as soon as possible the reform proposal of the Law of the Judicial Power that it presented last Tuesday together with Podemos. It is a ruse that not only involves excluding the main opposition party from a crucial process of our Democracy, but also runs counter to the Constitution, as prominent jurists have been warning. Today the magistrate of the Supreme Court does it with a rostrum on our pages Jose Luis Requero.

An opportunity

The initiative of PSOE and Podemos was also materialized by the bravas, bypassing the advisory reports of the General Council of the Judiciary, the Fiscal Council and the Council of State. For this reason, the PP is now going to request that the Congress of Deputies ask the CGPJ for its report, putting the PSOE even more on the ropes than it already is due to its own setback.

The popular ones, for their part, have another board before them. They continue to defoliate the daisy of whether they will abstain or vote against the motion of censure that Santiago Abascal presents against Sánchez. It is an opportunity for Casado to show whether he is betting on a center party or prefers to be condescending to the radical right.

Political cost

Sanchez and Casado have to portray themselves in matters that are having a political cost for both of them. The socialist leader was wrong with his ordeal to the PP giving a kick to Justice, as the leader of the opposition has been entangled in a strange and prolonged lack of definition in relation to the Vox motion.

All this, the same week in which Spain will reach one million people infected with coronavirus, and with unflattering prospects for the winter. That should be the priority, and it can be better addressed from political stability and moderation.

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