Tuesday, October 20

A complaint filed after a new attack on firefighters in Lyon

Illustration of firefighters. – E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

The precise circumstances of the attack are still unclear. This Sunday morning, a crew of firefighters, in intervention in Rillieux-la-Pape, north of Lyon, was violently attacked by three individuals, we learn from the Sud-Sdmis union.

The firefighters were rescuing a woman on the public highway, early October 18, when they were threatened and then assaulted by the three individuals suspected of having assaulted the victim. The latter then allegedly tried to prevent the rescuers from taking charge of the woman and transporting her to the hospital. In vain.

Seeing the situation degenerate, the crew chief had the reflex to trigger his pedestrian camera, experimented for a few months in the metropolis to improve the safety of firefighters during certain risky interventions. The team finally succeeded in carrying out its mission to the end, according to the union, which specifies that complaints have already been filed in this case by the firefighters.

A climate of tension for firefighters

In recent weeks, firefighters have been on the alert in the metropolis, where several of them have been victims of violence and assault. Among the recent events, a team was the target of throwing petanque balls in Rillieux-la-Pape during an evening of urban violence that occurred on the night of October 3 to 4. An evening during which the firefighters, called to put out fires on the public highway, say they have “fallen into an ambush”, facing individuals animated by the “will to kill”.


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