Wednesday, October 21

537 checks and 6 reports for the first night of the curfew in Toulouse

A gendarmerie check in Cugnaux near Toulouse, on the night of October 17 to 18, 2020. – F. Scheiber – Sipa

They are six, six real refractories who could not convince the police or gendarmes that it was involuntarily that they violated the health curfew. In Toulouse and in the 42 neighboring municipalities subject to the new night restrictions, more than 240 police officers and gendarmes were deployed during this first night to ensure compliance with instructions. There were 537 checks in the city, and therefore six fines of 135 euros.

“The curfew was rather understood and generally well respected, many people already had their certificates”, indicates to 20 Minutes the prefecture, which had initially given the task of the police to “favor education”. Some have therefore escaped the PV, even without certification. “And no particular complaint” is raised from motorists on the operation of the device.

The authorities will continue to favor explanations but will also become, over the nights, less conciliatory.

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