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36 organic products recalled for salmonella, including Walmart brand

  • 36 organic products recalled for salmonella, including Walmart brand
  • Cost Plus World Market, Full Circle, Great Value are some of the brands affected by salmonella and recalled
  • High Quality Organics was the one that notified of the presence of salmonella thanks to an analysis

36 organic products recalled for salmonella, including Walmart brand. A supplier of organic parsley caused these products to be recalled.

The events took place between Monday, October 12, and Tuesday, 13, when the parsley supplier’s report on salmonella caused a review that determined the withdrawal from the market.

The various recalled products belong to the following brands: Cost Plus World Market’s own brand, Full Circle, Great Value, the retailer’s own brand Walmart, O Organics, and The Spice Hunter.

The report was made by supplier High Quality Organics, in accordance with the recall notice published by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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Red Monkey Foods, a High Quality Organics customer, tested a sample of the assorted parsley they sell.

The salmonella batch was the one that went to Red Monkey Foods, a company that manufactures the parsley and herbs de Provence that are sold by the brands mentioned above, except Spice Hunter.

The Spice Hunter brand maker Sauer Brands did not directly point to supplier High Quality Organics by name in its recall notice posted Monday, according to Miami Herald.

However, he mentioned that: “Our supplier notified us about the possible presence of salmonella in specific lots of organic parsley that they provided us.” Sauer Brands said the salmonella-contaminated product was used for two days and was recalled after notice from its supplier.

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