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Virginia Mall explosion reported several serious injuries

  • Virginia: explosion in shopping center leaves several injured
  • Three students injured is the balance of this explosion
  • The causes of the explosion that caused this fire are not yet known

Virginia: explosion in shopping center leaves several injured. A few hours ago an explosion and fire was reported in Harrisonburg in the state of Virginia that left at least three injured.

The Governor of the state of Virginia announced through his account Twitter“My team and I are closely monitoring the situation in Harrisonburg after a gas explosion this morning,” “Firefighters are already on site,” added Ralph Northam.

Local reporter Ian Munro went to the scene and through his official account of Twitter shared videos of the moments lived in Harrisonburg in the middle of the explosion and fire this morning.


PHOTOS: Twitter

According to Daily News-RecordCity spokesman Mike Parks said two people were transported from the scene in serious condition and one had minor injuries. Later, he pointed out that the wounded are stable and that the search in the rubble of the place has not produced any other wounded.

Parks said that: “We have no reason to believe that there are other patients or victims at this time,” according to the Daily News-Record. According to the same medium, in this shopping center are the stores: Hometown Music, Element Vapors and Blue Sprocket Sound.

According to Fox, both the fire and the damage have been contained in the initial business area. The stores previously mentioned included a barber shop, a vape shop, a music store, and a grocery store.

A James Madison University student was injured according to a statement made from his account Facebook: “JMU (James Madison University) student transported to hospital has minor injuries and is expected to be discharged soon.”

In accordance with WBTV The fire from the explosion has been contained. However, some Parts of South Main Street will remain closed.

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