Tuesday, October 20

Tatiana swimsuit: she doesn’t ask JLo for anything and is surprised with her body

  • Tatiana surprises her fans with a sexy photo in a swimsuit
  • At 51, the cheerleader doesn’t ask JLo for anything
  • Tatiana’s followers fill the publication with pure compliments and compliments

Tatiana swimsuit. What a great body! Through your official account Instagram, the animator Tatiana published at 51 years of age a sexy photograph of her that left everyone with their mouths open and does not ask JLo for anything.

In the photo Tatiana can be seen standing on the grass in a purple swimsuit that makes her look spectacular.

Along with the photograph, the animator published a caption that says: “Live every moment, enjoy and smile, even if you think you have no reasons … From smiling so much you will end up feeling happy!”


Several followers were amazed by the great body that Tatiana looks sexy and even compared her to JLo saying that she does not ask anything of the international celebrity.

“You look great, I am your number 1 fan, I spend it watching your videos and everything that has to do with you I always see it, greetings beautiful, I am your number 1 fan, I know all your songs by heart, I grew up watching your program, Tatiana thank you for existing ”, commented a fan.

Another follower commented: “What beautiful photos, I could finally see you like this, you really are very beautiful, you have a great body that I already imagined, congratulations for so much beauty kisses.”

“Precious you have a beautiful body I love you”, “so sing to me”, “so if the patio of the house is particular”, “woooow !! Bellezaaaa !! “,” cuerpower! “,” As beautiful and sensual as always “, were some of the compliments that the singer received.

The fans were present in the post: “Good afternoon, I am glad to greet you, you are very beautiful, pretty, pretty, beautiful, I love you very much, I am your fan and I love you very much,” said another Tatiana fan.

As of today, this publication has reached more than 14 thousand “likes” and also has more than 300 comments.


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