Friday, October 23

Massachusetts surpasses 9,500 coronavirus deaths

TEST. In Chelsea, Massachusetts, residents are screened for COVID-19, a key action to fight the pandemic. | Photo: Efe.

With 21 deaths in the last 24 hours, Massachusetts reached 9,503 deaths from the COVID-19 pandemic according to the most recent data update provided by the entity’s health authorities.

In their report, specialists confirmed 550 new cases, for an increase of 139,903 infected by the outbreak to date.

As for the percentage of positive tests, the figure stood this Saturday at 1.3%.

Officials showed a slight drop in hospitalizations for complications linked to the pandemic, with 550 people admitted to hospitals. Of the total, 88 are in the Intensive Care Unit and 36 are intubated.


More than 50,000 Massachusetts residents first filed for unemployment benefits last week, according to U.S. Department of Labor data released Thursday, Oct.15, when national claims hit an all-time high.

Since the pandemic began, more than 2 million state residents have submitted subsidy requests for the first time, including so-called self-employed.

Nationwide, the number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits increased last week by more than it has in two months, to an all-time high of 898,000, evidence that layoffs continue to be an obstacle to recovery in employment. economy.

The economy is still about 10.7 million jobs short of regaining the 22 million that were lost when the pandemic struck in early spring, WBUR notes. Job search website Indeed indicated that its job postings were unchanged last week, remaining roughly 17% below last year’s levels. Many employers are still not confident enough in their business or in their vision of the economy to hire.

Job openings had rebounded steadily over the summer, but earnings have slowed in the past two months.

The recession has disproportionately affected restaurants, hotels, travel companies and entertainment venues. The damage to these industries has left millions of people unemployed, probably for a long period.

Economists have warned that without more aid, families across the country will have difficulties in the coming months to pay bills, rent, food and, as a consequence, evictions will be massive.

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