Monday, October 26

María Celeste Arrarás confirms that Telemundo continues to pay her salary, despite her dismissal from Al Rojo Vivo | The NY Journal

“I left on good terms as they dumped me,” said the former Telemundo star

Maria Celeste Arrarás talked with Luz Maria Doria and there he revealed that at an economic level he has not experienced major concerns, despite his dismissal from Al Rojo Vivo and therefore from Telemundo. All thanks to the fact that the chain continues to pay him his salary.

“As soon as they fired me, 30 seconds later. I called my mom and dad in Puerto Rico because I didn’t want anyone else to find out and I told them: ‘Don’t worry, I’m calm, they will continue to pay me my contract so financially I will be fine, which is the important thing in everything. I’m leaving on good terms and I’m not in a row with anyone. I want them to know that everything is going to be fine, ”said Arrarás.

Unfortunately for his old show, not all is good news. Al Rojo Vivo has not been able to recover from the departure of María Celeste Arrarás and probably not from that of Myrka Dellanos.

It seems that the ratings have not managed to take off and for this reason the program will change its image and also its drivers. Jessica Carrillo is said to be the new face of Al Rojo Vivo.

Despite all the above, María Celesta Arrarás has been clear in saying that she does not have any kind of resentment towards her old television house. “I left on good terms after they fired me. For me those years that I was there were wonderful years, the company gave me a great opportunity and I am not saying this to congratulate myself, I say it because I am truly sorry ”.

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