Wednesday, January 20

“LOOKS LIKE HULK.” Vicente Fernández’s son’s girlfriend TAKES OFF THE EXTENSIONS and SCARS because of how his face LOOKS

  • Vicente Fernández Jr’s girlfriend surprises with what he did with his hair
  • Mariana González Padilla removes her extensions
  • The Mexican model looks terrible with her normal hair

Oh disappointment! If the criticisms weren’t enough for Vicente Fernández Jr’s girlfriend, now Mariana González Padilla surprised everyone by removing her extensions, but the reality is that the Mexican model looks terrible with her normal hair.

Vicente Fernández Jr’s girlfriend, also known as the ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’ for her prominent butt, uploaded a video to her Instagram stories that was taken up by Argentine journalist Javier Ceriani in his social networks.

In just a few seconds, Mariana González Padilla says: “My real two hairs that I have”, and then give a cry of emotion.

Javier Ceriani Instagram Photos

From the moment the courtship between Vicente Fernández Jr and the Mexican model became official, criticism for the couple has been present, either because of the difference in ages between them or because of the number of surgeries that Mariana has undergone for highlight your physique, something you have never denied.

But now, when Vicente Fernández Jr’s girlfriend took off her extensions and showed her normal hair, there were divided opinions:

“It looks like the human Ken’s twin”, “She is very sincere about her and is not enlarged at all”, “That was operated on by the same human Ken surgeon”, “Oh my God, it looks like a man”, he looks like the Hulk when he is transforming ”,“ Beautiful my Mariana ”.

For her part, a user came out in defense of the ‘Mexican Kim Kardashian’: “They perspire envy, what wouldn’t they give to make at least one arrangement? There are no ugly people, there are only people without money, it is very well operated, they have not deformed it, it proclaims it openly ”.

“It looks like a man, the one who made her eyebrows killed her”, “Her eyebrows were very badly done”, “She looks trans”, “Let’s remove eyelashes, plastic eyes, botox from her lips and those horrible ones, you imagine her he passed his hand with filters or surgeries, it looks strange ”, you can read in more comments.


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