Saturday, October 31

“LOOKS LIKE BOY”. JLo’s daughter appears LIKE NEVER BEFORE and now raises suspicions about her FACE and BODY

  • JLo goes for a walk with her daughter and the least expected happens
  • Users harshly criticize Emme Muñiz
  • They tell him that now he wants to be a boy because of his new look and the way he dresses

No one would have imagined it. The actress and singer Jennifer López (JLo) goes for a walk with her daughter, Emme Muñiz, but users criticize her harshly and say that now she wants to be a child because of her new look and the way she dresses.

It was at social networks from People magazine in Spanish that an image was shared that is giving a lot to talk about.

In it, you can see JLo with her daughter, with everything and mask, leaving an exclusive boutique in Beverly Hills, but if something draws attention, it is the outfits of each of them.

PHOTO Instagram People in Spanish

While the actress and singer wears a brightly colored sweatshirt and pants, her daughter Emme Muñiz opted for a loose white shirt. Highlight her curly hair.

It did not take long for users to criticize the daughter of JLo, who had a small participation in the Super Bowl halftime show, which was held last February.

“I think that girl wants to be a boy”, “That one goes the same way as Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s daughter”, “Now the fashion is for them to choose to be boys or girls”, “I have always noticed something strange in that girl ”.

An Internet user expressed himself as follows: “It would not be strange if one of these days this girl comes out with her news that she is gay, like many who have grown up with everything and with debauchery that makes them feel like men, and their appearance is revealing it. “

For her part, a user criticized both JLo and her daughter, Emme Muñiz: “I don’t know why people who have more money dress so ridiculous.”

“Nothing looks good on him”, “He is coming out of the closet”, “You can’t see pretty, I liked the way he was before”, “I don’t see how beautiful he was”, “Well, he has symptoms that he’s going to be a child”, ” What look? Just got up from the house and she looks shaggy, oh of course, she is JLo’s daughter and they give her plietesia ”, you can read in more comments.

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