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“IN THE NAME BE OF GOD”. After being HOSPITALIZED by CORONAVIRUS, Melina León ALARMA with video of what they WILL DO

  • Melina León was infected with coronavirus
  • The member of the program Tu cara me suena from Univisión records her health status while she is in the hospital
  • “I’m on my way to recovery,” the Puerto Rican singer posted on social networks

After it became known that Melina León, a member of the Univisión program ‘Tu cara me suena’, had been infected with coronavirus, the Puerto Rican singer records her state of health while in the hospital.

With more than 45 thousand reproductions at the moment, Melina León’s publication is available on her official account of Instagram and left his followers a little more calm.

PHOTO Instagram Melina León

From the bed in her room, the member of ‘Tu cara me suena’ from Univisión says that now they are going to give her ‘mycoplasma’, so she assumes that this will help her fight the virus that is inside her.

“At last I was waiting all day for him, but they had to put other things on me first, so in the name of God, this is going to help me get out of this bed,” said the Puerto Rican singer.

Finally, the member of Tu cara me suena from Univisión, who along with Llane, Migbelis Castellanos and Sandra Echeverría, tested positive for coronavirus, thanked the support she has received in these difficult times.

“I’m speechless. The love I have felt from you, the prayers come, I am a daughter of God and he knows that I love him, so I know that he is super happy because all of us who believe in him are united in prayer ”.

“I hope that anyone else who is going through this situation will get better soon, let’s go up, God is great,” Melina León concluded from the hospital.

Admirers of the Puerto Rican singer once again expressed their support, although before that she felt the need to make a clarification …


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