Friday, October 23

Florida coronavirus cases: more than 4,000 additional cases reported

  • 4,044 cases of coronavirus were confirmed this Saturday in Florida
  • 87 deaths of state residents were also announced
  • Florida Agency for Health Care Administration reports number of inpatients statewide

Florida coronavirus cases. According to a report from the portal of Miami Herald, This Saturday the Florida State Department of Health confirmed that there were 4,044 cases of coronavirus, this is added to the already known number of cases that was 752,481.

They also announced that there were a total of 87 deceased residents, seven less than those previously announced, this number raises the total deceased, which was 15,917.

Until now, no deaths of non-residents have been announced, which does not affect the already known number of deaths, which is 200.


For the third time this week, the state of Florida reported more than 3,000 cases.

On October 11 there were more than 3,000 additional cases since last Saturday’s figures were included for duplicate tests that clogged Florida’s data reporting system.

Democratic Senators from Florida told Governor Ron DeSantis that it is not time to end the daily official reports of COVID-19 amid a “rise” in cases and “hospitalizations” during the pandemic, which this Saturday reached 16,118 deceased in the state, according to a report from the EFE Agency.

The latest data reported today by the Florida Department of Health shows an increase in trends, both in daily cases, with 4,044 more in 24 hours, and in the positive rate, which rose to 5.19% of a total of 77,517 tests made on Friday.

According to the daily bulletin, the cases already add up to a total of 752,481 people infected with the new coronavirus since last March 1, when the first patient was reported.

Faced with the possibility of replacing the daily report with a weekly one for budgetary reasons, Senators Lori Berman and Janet Cruz reminded the DeSantis government that the trend of the pandemic is on the rise.

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