Friday, October 30

Criminals violently entered Salvadoran church and desecrated the tabernacle

SECURITY. Reference photo of a police patrol

Criminals violently demolished the defense of a window of the San José Obrero parish church, in Plan del Pino, in Ciudad Delgado, they took office and sound equipment, as well as cash that would be used to buy food for those affected for the COVID-19 pandemic

The event occurred in the early morning of this Saturday, October 17, 2020.

At dawn this Saturday, the parish priest and parishioners found disorder inside the temple. The first thing they discovered was the damage to the Tabernacle (a holy space for Catholics, where the hosts that, consecrated, represent the body of Christ) are kept.

The hosts were smashed and scattered on the floor of the altar, which is considered sacrilege.

Those affected called the police and hours later agents from the eye inspection laboratory arrived at the scene to collect the available evidence.

According to sources from the parish, the amount stolen amounts to about $ 2,000, and what the criminals took includes the sound equipment and office supplies that were in the sacristy.

The San José Obrero parish is located in Plan del Pino, in Ciudad Delgado, one mile north of the Don Bosco Citadel.

The parishioners maintain that they have not had any problem in recent months with any person or group, and that this is the first criminal act committed there since the end of the armed conflict in 1992. In the eighties they were the target of raids. violent and crimes.

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