Sunday, November 1

Celia Lora showed the transparencies of her lingerie by opening her entire shirt | The NY Journal

The model lowered the white piece until it was on her abdomen and thus her lingerie was exposed

Celia Lora opened her white shirt, slid it over her shoulders to lay it on her abdomen. Thus, she posed for the camera and, standing on her side, showed off the transparencies of her black lingerie.

But the image that has already exceeded 100,000 likes has not only served to once again delight its followers with its daring, but also for some to even compare it with Angelina Jolie.

The black hair, her green eyes and the thickness of her lips have made it almost impossible not to think about Angelina Jolie when you see her. “Angelina Jolie is little”, commented a follower who received the support of others receiving more than 40 likes.

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