Monday, January 18

Rebecca O’Toole tests positive for COVID-19 – The Canadian News

Following the news last week that conservative leader Erin O’Toole had tested positive for COVID-19, his wife, Rebecca, has now also confirmed that she has contracted the coronavirus.

A statement from the Conservative Party confirmed that Rebecca O’Toole began presenting symptoms, including fever, on Sunday.

She was tested later that night and tested positive Monday night.

She is isolated at home and the couple are monitoring their two children, 14-year-old Mollie and 9-year-old Jack.

“Many Canadian families are dealing with COVID-19 like we are today, and like them, our focus is ensuring our children stay healthy,” Rebecca said in a statement.

“I want to thank the amazing frontline healthcare workers across the country, but especially those at Brewer Park Arena who are so kind and patient as they work tirelessly to help thousands of Canadians.”

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