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Corona hygiene in the Bundestag: MPs should wear masks from September – The Canadian News – politics

In view of rising corona numbers, Bundestag President Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) has tightened the hygiene measures in the Bundestag. In a letter sent to the parliamentary groups on Wednesday and available to SPIEGEL, Schäuble calls on MPs to wear mouth and nose covers.

“Not least because of the role model function vis-à-vis the public”, he had the question examined whether the Bundestag should also press for “increased use of masks”, especially since with the upcoming start of the session, “numerous vacationers will return to work” says Schäuble’s letter.

As a result, he came to the conclusion that “we urgently recommend wearing masks in all properties of the German Bundestag from September 1, 2020”.

Apparently, Schäuble did not want to make a mask requirement. And his “urgent recommendation” also gives parliamentarians freedom. In his opinion, wearing a mask “can be refrained from” not only in the offices, but also in the plenary hall and in other meeting rooms, as soon as “you have taken your place with the required hygienic distance or have spoken,” said Schäuble.

However, emphasizes the President of the Bundestag, “further measures” cannot be ruled out in the future.

The parliamentary summer break will end soon. The first plenary session after the non-session period will take place on September 9th. So far, the Bundestag administration had primarily focused on compliance with the distance rules at the meetings of parliamentarians.

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