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Friday, November 27

Delage D12: a French supercar developed with the help of Jacques Villeneuve

A little less than 70 years after having stopped making cars, the French manufacturer Delage is reborn with a new bomb called D12.

And interesting fact for us: Quebecer and former Formula 1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve acts as a development driver for a team that has 16 FIA world titles in total.

Inspired by F1 and fighter planes, the Delage D12 is a supercar with the driver’s seat placed centrally (like the McLaren F1 and Gordon Murray’s new T.50) and another seat behind.

Photo: Delage Automobiles

As its name suggests, it contains a 12-cylinder engine. Positioned at the rear of the cabin, it has a displacement of 7.6 liters and is paired with an electric motor to generate a combined power of 990 horsepower, all controlled by an eight-speed automatic transmission.

We do not know the acceleration times, but considering that the car weighs barely 1,400 kilos (3,086 pounds), that promises! A Club version will follow with 1,010 horsepower and a weight of just 1310 kilos (2,888 pounds).

Other highlights of the Delage D12 include the integrated door and windshield, ultra-sophisticated aerodynamics that includes an impressively-sized front spoiler and rear spoiler as well as the linked multi-link suspension. to carbon fiber wheels.

Photo: Delage Automobiles

“We are excited to revive Delage as one of the world’s leading supercar brands. It was the dream of the company’s first founder, Louis Delage, to create the D12. I am honored and proud to turn his dream into reality, says the new CEO of Delage Automobiles, Laurent Tapie. The D12 will be a worthy modern heir to the engineering marvels for which Delage is famous. Our goal is for the D12 to offer what comes closest to a Formula 1 in terms of sensations in a road racing car. “

Production, due to begin in 2021, will be limited to 30 copies costing around $ 3 million each.

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