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Goldie Hawn dances the plate to the beat of ‘Hey Ya!’ From OutKast In Hilarious Video

By Sarah curran.

2 minutes ago

Doing laundry is not a chore for fun-loving Goldie Hawn.

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The actress is sending fans a message about how to stay positive in the most fun way.

While doing the dishes on Friday, August 7, the “Al agua” star showed the world how even the most mundane chores can turn into a good time.

“Washing the dishes doesn’t have to be a chore, it can be a dance!” Hawn wrote along with a video showing her doing some amazing moves with “Hey Ya!” by OutKast.

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“It all depends on us,” he added.

Hawn’s husband, Kurt Russell, and their 40-year-old son Boston also appear having fun in the clip.

Meanwhile, the family’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel makes a cute cameo as well.

Kate Hudson’s mom previously shared a video of her shaking him on her mini-trampoline.

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“Dance, jump and spin like no one is watching,” she wrote below the video of her exercise with Dua Lipa’s “Physical”.

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