Tuesday, October 27

Hessen: “penis fountain” in the Spessart attracts onlookers – The Canadian News – Panorama

A phallus-shaped fountain provides amusement in the Hessian community of Jossgrund. On the square in front of the Catholic Church of St. Martin, water splashes from an opening between two hemispheres into an elongated pool.

According to the local pastor Daniel Göller, the fountain was created as part of a village beautification measure. At first the “hessenschau“reported about the curiosity.

The clergyman sees the shape of the fountain with humor: “You don’t have to dramatize it,” said Göller. Especially in times of corona, it is nice when there is something to laugh about.

Well planning was “absolutely transparent”

However, the shape of the fountain was not a surprise. Those responsible for the construction from the community as well as the citizens could have seen them in the planning process that has been going on for years. The plans for the water feature designed by an architect have been posted and have also been discussed at public meetings. Everything was absolutely transparent, says Göller.

It was only when it was unveiled last week that the striking shape of the fountain caught the eye – including the pastor. However, Göller said that he had asked himself whether this was also due to celibacy. Since then, more and more onlookers have been taking a look at the building.

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