11.57 seconds, the masterpiece of three Barça sprinters in Naples

Strange goals. Goals of all kinds. Goals that belong to the defenders because the forwards, who played well in offensive production, but finished off with a penalty, were not lucid. In Naples, the Barça of Xavi he signed three goals in an immense first half in which he was able to finish off up to 11 times. But what he left best was the courage and daring that he transmitted in his youth soccer, with resources that were unknown to him. Or, at least, until now.

Insigne took a corner from the right wing without imagining that it would be the prologue to his sentence. He served it so badly that the ball ended up at the feet of aubameyang, the first reliever of a strange and fast career that ended in 0-1. The Gabonese, quick to take advantage of the Neapolitan error, handed over the baton to Adama, who triggered a stampede at the Diego Armando Maradona stadium. To the right of him ran the third arrow.

trio of sprinters

He was the third sprinter. It was Jordi Alba who overtook and advanced the former Wolverhampton player, who with precision and a subtle touch handed the baton -excuse me, the ball- to the left-back, who to complete such a strange goal signed it with his right leg. Arriving at the finish line, the three looked happily at the reward for a race that lasted 11.57 seconds. From end to end. Galloping that trident with the roles exchanged because it was the nine (Auba) who started the play and the lateral (George) who proudly tore the finish line to the delight of Xavi after finding a new alternative.

Not even an hour into the game and Barça had scored 4 goals against the least beaten team in Italy

The team with the fewest goals in Serie A was dealt a thrashing by Barça with unexpected shortcuts, such as that hurricane counterattack that allowed them to score 0-1, prior to a long ball from Ter Stegenwhich had the complicity of the error of the Italian defense, before Fernando Torres with a click of the heel he would detect the elegant figure of Frankie de Jong. The discussed Frenkie.

He lofted across the Neapolitan lawn, calmly surveying the landscape, eating yards as he plotted the much-needed shot. A beautiful and slow parable. So slow that the ball, playful he, evaded Meret as if he were guided by a remote control. This play lasted just 10 seconds. From Ter Stegen to Frankie. Another simple, fast and tremendously effective shortcut at 0-2.

Coming out of a corner

Each goal was something new, as was shown in the 1-3, which was signed by Piqué, disguised as a striker. Pure nine as he credited first with control before sentencing with a left foot. And it all began with a corner, whose second move was wonderful for Barça to continue finding new ways that provided even more calm to Xavi.

‘Auba”s goal came after a long (lasting 67 seconds) and choral play in which the 11 Barça players took part, including Ter Stegen

They were goals from the new and vertical Barcelona, ​​even more similar to the one he made Luis Enrique, although then he had “the three cucumbers” as Piqué described in his day to Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez. What was missing, however, was the truly ‘made in Barça’ goal, the one that is built through passing triangles, with Franciscan patience conquering space while gaining meters hypnotizing the disoriented Napoli defense.

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A long move (it lasted 67 seconds), precious and choral (all 11 players took part, including Ter Stegen with a precise pass to the chest of Pedri) to await the moment when the ball would reach Adama, the Barça particle accelerator. Tired were the forwards that a couple of defenders (Sunrise and Pique) and a midfielder (Frankie) will take the covers, so aubameyang he unleashed an imposing and furious right hand. The goal of a scorer because the Gabonese has hit three somersaults – that’s how he celebrates them – in four days. Running and waiting, all roads are valid.

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