10 Things The Ultra-Stylish Founders Of SMYTHE Can’t Live Without

Toronto based fashion brand SMYTHE was born out of two old friends’ frustration with women’s work clothes. Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe used their love of fashion to design their ideal women’s tailored blazer in 2004, a garment that still sells today. Nearly two decades later, the duo has expanded into ready-to-wear dresses, outerwear and fragrances, recently celebrating the one-year anniversary of their first brick-and-mortar store in Toronto after years of focusing on wholesale and e-commerce. .

Through their designs, Lenczner and Smythe are also helping to raise awareness about the Woman Life Freedom movement, a global collective fighting for the human rights of women and girls in Iran. SMYTHE recently released a 11 piece collection in collaboration with the graffiti artist chiara catalano, all proceeds from which will be donated to Amnesty International to support its work in Iran. Items include a hand-painted trench coat that reads “Women, Life Freedom” in black paint, and blazers with quotes like “I Really Care” and “For All Women” emblazoned on them. The collection is available to purchase exclusively through an online auction from March 30 to April 2.

Here are 10 things Lenczner and Smythe rely on to get them inspired, relaxed, and getting the job done.


For Lenczner, jewelry is just as important as makeup to brighten up a look. “Well-placed jewelry is a great fashion hack to elevate a simple outfit,” she says. jenny bird gold earrings and a shell necklace with freshwater pearls from Marisa Klass are some of his favourites.

A pair of gold Jenny Bird earrings on a model
(photo: Jenny bird)

vintage levi Cowboys

The co-founders were on a unified mission to perfect the women’s blazer when they started the brand and still love the staple today. “Blazers are not only the core of our collection, but the mainstay of our wardrobes,” says Lenczner. Smythe enjoys pairing the tailored, structured garment with the vintage Levi’s denim she’s picked up on her travels.

A pair of vintage Levi's jeans
(photo: Levi’s)

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast B5

Lenczner likes to keep a bottle of this all-purpose soothing balm on her desk to spritz on at noon. “I have dry skin, so moisturizing followed by some pressed facial oil is necessary,” she says.

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast B5 in a white tube
(photo: La Roche Posay)

Gee Beauty Matte Lipstick in Marilyn

Smythe relies on this luxurious, antioxidant-packed red lipstick when she needs a pick-me-up. “People always get undereyes to hide their sleepless nights, but nothing makes you look more alive than a big red lip,” she says.

Gee Beauty Matte Lipstick in Marilyn
(photo: Wow beauty)

group tours

Going into nature frequently to relax and spend time with family and friends is a must for both of you. Lenczner says her fondest memories are skiing anywhere with mountains and lots of snow in the winter, and spending time at a lakeside cabin in the summer. Once a year, the couple also takes a trip to a new destination with friends. “No matter where we go, just being able to leave our routines behind and absorb something new is inspiring,” says Smythe.

Two chairs on a deck sitting by the lake.
(photo: iStock)

Interior design

When they’re not working on their clothing and fragrance line, they often turn to interior design to relax and use it as a creative and relaxing outlet. The couple have been known to spend hours rearranging each other’s living spaces.

A brown armchair by Ligne Roset
(photo: Roset Line)

Personal training

Days that start with exercise are the most productive and balanced for Lenczner and Smythe. The two work out together a couple of times a week with their personal trainer, Paula Ryff, of Ultimate Athletics in Toronto. “Her background in ballet and bodybuilding is a unique combination that we love,” says Smythe.

Personal trainer Paula Ryff of Ultimate Athletics in Toronto in the splits
(photo: Ultimate Athletics)

vitamins and supplements

The two accumulate electrolytes in an effort to stay extra hydrated throughout the day. Recently, Lenczner has also been taking personalized vegan vitamins from nourished, which are custom-made based on specific nutritional needs. “They have a sour taste, which I love,” he says.

A 3D printed vegan vitamin from Nourished in someone's hand
(photo: Nourished)

The Queen Street West food scene

Since morning workouts have become a priority, Lenczner and Smythe rarely have time to go out for lunch, so they often rely on Uber Eats. Working in the Queen West neighborhood of Toronto, Mandy’s, Lambo’s Deli, hello 123 and Mamakas Agora They are in regular rotation. Also in his work neighborhood is Taverne Bernhardt’swhich Lenczner says makes the best roast chicken he’s ever had.

A sandwich from Lambo's Deli in Toronto
(photo: @lambosdeli on Instagram)

Spotify playlists

To wind down during long drives, Lenczner often asks Smythe to play a Spotify playlist called “Andrea’s Faves,” which includes a variety of music from artists like Talking Heads, The Beatles, HER and Metric.

The Talking Heads album cover: 77
(photo: Sire Records)

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