10 Catalan literature books recommended for this Christmas 2021

‘Solitude’ / ‘Mosaic. Privacy ‘

Víctor Català. Editions 62 / Club Editor. € 19.50 / € 24.95

Two books recover the figure of Caterina Albert. One, the new edition of ‘Solitud’, which brings together the prologues that the author wrote for her masterpiece and includes the personal reading of eight authors of today, among them, Enric Casasses, Najat El Hachmi, Raúl Garrigassait, Mercè Ibarz, Vicenç Pagès and Toni Sala. And two, ‘Mosaic’, where Club Editor gathers his memorial reflections, some unpublished.

‘Dear Pablo’ / ‘Dear Pablo’

Maria Jaén. Rosa dels Vents / Plaza & Janés. € 18.90

A Pau Casals in exile, who had sworn never to set foot in Spain again while Franco lived, broke his own promise once, in 1955: he returned to Catalonia for the funeral of the cellist Francesca Vidal. Now the scriptwriter and author of ‘Amorrada al piló’ pays tribute in this documented fiction to the discreet figure of this woman for whom the famous musician had a secret passion.

‘Alone’ / ‘Alone’

Carlota Gurt. Bow / Asteroid Books. € 18.00

The author of the celebrated stories of ‘Cavalvarem tota la nit’ (Premi Mercè Rodoreda) has made her debut in the novel with this psychological intrigue starring a young woman who, after losing her job, returns to the isolated farmhouse where she grew up. His powerful voice confronts the reader with loneliness, freedom and familiar demons.

‘The ash of life’ / ‘The ash of life’

Josep Pla. Destiny. € 24.90

The facet as narrator of the Empordà author has been eclipsed after the Pla memorialista, landscaper, biographer, journalist or traveler. Now, for the first time, the entire narrative of the author of ‘El quadern gris’ is brought together in one volume, in an edition by the editor Jordi Cornudella. There are 34 stories that the writer himself published as definitive between 1949 and 1967 after reviewing first versions of several of them.

1939. The fall of Barcelona ‘

Andreu Claret. Column. € 20

The author of ‘El secret del brigadista’ and ‘El cònsol de Barcelona’ returns to rescue real events thanks to historical fiction. In this new novel, Andreu Claret narrates, through the figure of the boxer and bodyguard Manel Plandiure, how Lluís Companys took refuge in exile in the face of the Franco advance and his impotence in not being able to prevent his arrest and surrender to Spain.

‘A handful of water stones’

Manel Ollé. LaBreu. € 14

Blessed with the Premi Jocs Florals de Barcelona 2021, this collection of poems by the Barcelona bard brings together a series of haibuns, oriental compositions that combine poetic prose and haikus. The author focuses through his experience the fragility that surrounds us, the passage of time or daily violence while trying to find beauty.

‘If a finger points to the moon’

Toni Pou. Anagrama. € 18.90

Toni Pou leads the reader on an exciting journey from Barcelona to Florence passing through the astronomical observatory in the Chilean Atacama desert with his narrator, a physicist who loves popular science and literature, obsessed with the figure of Galileo and his telescope, with the one who knew how to interpret, 400 years ago, that the Earth revolved around the Sun.

‘Everything admires me. Complete poetry ‘(1965-2021) /’ On Marta Pessarrodona ‘

Marta Pessarrodona / Ed. Marta Nadal and Isabel Granya. Vienna / Comanegra. € 25 / € 19, € 50

At her recently celebrated 80 years, the Terrassa poet, Premi d’Honor les Lletres Catalanes, brings together all her poetic work, as well as eight poems and an unpublished triptych and a text where she reviews settings, readings, influences and friendships. In parallel, Comanegra’s book, with essays, interviews and critiques, offers a complete perspective of his career and his figure.

‘Far means never again’

Marc Cerrudo. Amsterdam. 18 €

With the idea of ​​dislodging the reader, this young man from Terrassa wrote what is his debut in the novel. Winner of the Premi Roc Boronat, Cerrudo builds in her a dark puzzle about grief and pain not without humor with a protagonist who does not say a word. Around him, a beer salesman, a cat, a concierge or a stop sign speak for him.

‘The sea upside down’

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Pep Puig. The Other Editorial. € 20

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