080 Barcelona Fashion: see the virtual parades of the third (and last) day

The 29th edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion this Friday comes to an end with the third and last day of broadcasts of the ‘Fashion Show Films’. The proposals that have been seen this April 8 have been the new collections of Paloma Wool, Eiko Ai, The Artelier, Avec Studio, Is Coming, Antonio Marcial and Simorrawhose films were recorded a few weeks ago, in March, at the exceptional Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (Macba), a reference space dedicated to the exhibition of contemporary art and culture.

📌Paloma Wool

The designer pigeon wool has presented its collection, centered on the natural patterns and colors. The asymmetry, sportswear and ‘layering’ revitalize an elegant collection that represents a inflection point for the brand. In this collection, the DNA fabric of Paloma Wool, you can see garments such as cardigans and boleros that can be combined with the rest of the collection, from classic garments such as suits and shirts to casual garments such as polo shirts or sweatshirts. The bags and shoes are the result of a collaboration between the brand and the Spanish leather industry.

Next, Eikō Ai has presented the collection ‘Lucid Dreams’inspired by the solar energy. This is a collection for women of today: urban, cosmopolitan, inspiring and sexy, designed to connect the natural beauty of the planet with the visual and sensual magnificence of the moment. Transparencies let in light, ultra-smooth satins from vibrant, bright colors in warm tones, patterned jacquards and vapor knits that are mixed with sun-kissed photographic prints. A mix of floral prints and glitter that adds intensity and magic to each garment.

📌The Artelier

The third brand to present its collection in the Fashion Show Film has been The Artelier with the ‘Avant’ collection, where the designer tells us the story of her life through tulle and organza fabrics that convey this personal transparency. We find pieces such as ‘oversize’ coats, which seek to convey hugs. We can also find ‘looks’ that represent the duel or the wedding.

📌Avec Studio

Avec Studio has presented a collection that seeks to transmit a spirit full of energy through a palette oasis-inspired shades. A mix of textures that seeks to add a touch of sophistication to garments boho inspiration. The suits are the protagonists that stand out for their fluidity and volume. have been seen puffed sleeves, asymmetrical necklines and bare shoulders. We have also been able to see the two-piece sets that inspire sophistication and delicacy.

📌Is Coming

is Coming has presented its collection ‘North Nostalgia‘, which evokes the cold, the moors, a hot coffee by a cozy fire… A north influenced by Scotland, with tartans, Harris, corduroy and traditional wools, with a game of contrasts between masculine tailored suits combined with garments that add femininity. Flowing viscose, jacquards, satins and large and small prints have also been seen that combine with wool fantasies. The knit, characteristic of the brand, has been presented full of deep colors with smooth lurex details that combine with everything.

📌 Antonio Martial

Related news

The designer Anthony Martial has presented its collection ‘Strangers and Rogues’where the designer explores the feelings of belonging and the search for one’s own identity in a homogeneous and hegemonic society through subcultures and minority groups and the intention or need to rebellion against canons the established and oppressors. For this collection, the personal figure of artists such as Basquiat or language as a pictorial artistic tool are a source of inspiration.


The brand simorra has closed the 29th edition of 080 Barcelona Fashion with the collection ‘The meaning of paper’. The proposal stems from the need to start over, to start a blank page through the exploration of two opposite universes: reality and fantasy. On this occasion, Simorra takes us to an imaginary universe in which tradition and modernity come together.

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